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Friday, January 31, 2014

The little obscure lives

Many of you (those of you who's also on Facebok) will know by now that we have been faced with a real struggle recently. The number of cats having gathered around our place (not cats we have rescued or brought back - but cats that have just found their way to our garden) have just become overwhelming. Our farmer neighbours on either side have been very friendly about the cats but with the increasing number it has become an issue because the cats go to their always freshly dug gardens (the farmers tend their gardens several days a week) and as you might know, cats find fresh earth too inviting to not "participate' - as if someone just dug the earth for them to go do "natures calling." 

I'm not happy with the situation... around 30 cats seems to be the number that has been the limit of what we could handle. But as always, being on a small island with a very large and out of control cat population - we are faced with all the hungry and pleading cats and kittens that are born into this dire situation. And time and time again we are faced with are faced with the "left-overs" from holiday goers that take on a cat or a kitten for a while - and back home they go with absolutely no consciousness whatsoever. This happened to us during the late summer. Some people up the street left us a tame cat which came with "perks" - three little kittens! I insisted that we try to just keep our distance - feeding the cat mum, so she wouldn't struggle trying to keep her kittens fed and well, but not interacting with her and the kittens. But of course they eventually realised that there were both food and kind people to be found in our garden, so eventually they found no reason to leave. I have been absent, at least in physical form, for a good while now so Rebecca has been the one who has been interacting with this new family on a day to day basis. I know I couldn't take them on, so for me they have been what I call the obscure lives. I know they are there - and I feel for them, I do - but I know I can't stretch myself and the situation more and I therefore have to cut off emotionally. 

And yet, who wouldn't get involved if they fed these guys on a day to day basis? Who wouldn't also want the best for them? Just like we do for all the cats. But it's been a real struggle to stay afloat with food, medicines, neutering and so on (it's now 42 cats and still feeding 8-10 dumpster cats away from home) - and keeping the good balance at base. Here's the new crew in the image above - when they were just starting to get used to where they could find food everyday. Much to the dismay of the other cats - so they were tucked away in a corner at first whenever they had their meals. 

But of course they settled in... and you get smitten with each little kitty face. Even for me - trying to keep my distance... I get captured by the beauty in each cat and the want of each little cat to have a good life.

But... Food is no all that will keep a little cat going. Vaccinations are vital for their good health and protection - and this is where we simply can not keep up. A good number of our cats are vaccinated but frankly, trying to cover all this from personal funds alone is back breaking. No one asked us to do it - and we do it because it's what we want to do - but it gets upsetting when you can't do more. 

And sadly, one of these little guys has been struck by the Parvo virus this week. Pidge, this grey boy, was brought to the vet 5 days ago and has been struggling for his life ever since. He is on fluids, intravenous antibiotics and electrolytes - and using whatever strength he has to fight. He was neutered just 10 days prior to this and cried his lungs out to come home so we know this is not an easy situation for him - or for us.

We will be faced with a considerable vet bill for his treatment and we would therefore be SO grateful if anyone is able to donate - big or small - towards his care. You can as always use the orange Donate button just to the right of this post. Please drop me a line if you are having difficulties with Paypal - I'd be very happy to help ( Please remember to tick it as a gift, this way we avoid fees. 

The last image I have of Pidge is him with his brother Kit (the black and white boy). They'd jumped on one of the garden tables where they were basking in the sun and snuggled in the most endearing "love pretzel." And his pretty sister Callie adorning one of the garden walls. 

This is a testing time for us whilst we wait each day for an update on Pidge and hope all remains stable and sound at base. Will you please keep us in your prayers and thoughts - and help donate towards Pidge's treatment if you are able. 

I would be so grateful to anyone who would share his story. I've posted a link on Facebook.

Thank you so so much. ♥