My Greek kitty crew

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hi & goodbye January

It's hard to believe January has come and almost gone... Things have been busy around here - new things happening - and all sorts of technicalities has made blogging impossible. But we're putting a paw down - we want to at least ensure one blog post before this month draws to a close.

At the very beginning of the month we welcomed a volunteer into our life here - a real blessing named Rebecca. She will be helping with all sorts of things (she's terrific!) but first and foremost she will be helping with the cats. Among other skills she's an aroma-therapist and a Reiki  healer... what more can you ask for in a person being sensitive to cats?! Someone who just knows how to quietly sit and let the cats come to her (which they have done!) and who is sensitive enough to feel each cat individually and respond to their needs. She fits in just beautifully. I'm amazed at how fast she has learned all the names of the cats (38!) - give and take a few which can be hard to remember. I don't know how, as an example, she is telling all the brown tabbys apart. I think we have 14-15 brown tabbys and several of them siblings... they can be pretty impossible to tell apart. I mean, if you didn't know these two cats (Fey above and Tiny below) - you could get a little lost. Fey and Tiny are born 1 1/2 years apart but with the exact same kitty parents. And there are several tabby siblings around here that looks very identical to anyone not familiar with them. 

With the blessed assistance with the cats it's been possible to get to new artwork, so new fundraising projects will soon be on the go. And we have a wonderful jewelry donation from our sweet friend Anna from Italy waiting to be revealed... but more about all this real soon.

Until then I'm struggling to get technicalities back on my side. We already have a stone-age-slow internet connection and then my old and trusted Mac packed up - crashed with 9000 images, ouch! (yes some stored externally, but so many precious images lost). Miss Mac went in for a "recovery surgery" but alas... no images could be retrieved. Nada. Only an old Mac with the original settings. Well, maybe you shouldn't have you Mac fixed on a little Greek island because now I'm left with an iPhoto appliance that can only handle 10-20 images in each download (and then they have to be removed to make space for more!!). Frustrating for for a girl with a camera loaded full of images! Anyhow...

WILL be back soon... thanks for your patience!