My Greek kitty crew

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little follower

So I promised to get back to the story of Skipper. He has been absolutely remarkable. Within a few days I had him out in the garden and he just instantly moved around as if he knew the place inside out. No sense of apprehension but just a quiet checking out every little corner and it was very easy to introduce him to the place because he just simply follows my every step. It made it easy to introduce him to the "kitty-bungalow" - where all the rescues have their meals and have a warm and soft place to sleep. He is such a sweet and calm cat - utterly perfect for adoption but even though he's been up for adoption (via our vet) there's (as expected) no interest. He is of course very fine here - and we love him dearly! - but since he is so well behaved I would just have loved for him to have a home just for him.  

Skipper is a loving...

- sweetly playful 

- beautiful 

- little follower. 

He is in a very fine condition and with his endearing nature I warn you; you'd fall in love with him instantly! I've said it often, but I really do need octopus' arms. Or a team of people who'd just come and play with the the kitties. You wanna come 'round!? I promise there's enough cats for all of you, lol!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Did the Teddy-blanket shrink??

One year... that's what in between these two images above and below. Maybe you remember the story of Ellie. I found her at the side of a road abandoned by a desperate kitty mom after a torrential downpour. It probably got too much for kitty mom trying to move all her kittens during the heavy down-pour. Anyhow, this tiny size was just about 10 days old, drowning wet and barely moving from hypothermia (you can read old post and see a brief video clip here  - this is just after I just brought her to the vet... I'd tucked her under my pullover for her to get some body heat for the journey). She spent several weeks in this (image below) homemade "incubator." A box padded with blankets and a constantly warm water-bottle to keep her body temperature in check. And she was wrapped up in this Teddy-blanket. 

She grew fast and became the prettiest of little kittens. This image below is from the card collection I sold last year. This one was the best selling - isn't that the most adorable face ever?! Since then we renamed her Bellisima - she is beautiful. 

Anyhow... to get back to the top image. The Teddy-blanket is still her all-time favorite. You can see just how attached she is to the memory of this blanket. She still loves to snuggle up as if she is still in the "incubator" - only now is seems as if the Teddy-blanket shrunk :-) But she can't run from that ginger hind leg. 

And talking of ginger...
Thank you all so much for your sweet participation in finding a name for the little new white/ginger tabby boy. So many of your suggestions could have fit him well, but it's official - he is now named Skipper (thank you Anesha!). He settled in within a few days as if he's always lived here. More images soon!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ivy's "lucky wish"

Needless to say, the beautiful little Ivy left a huge void after she went to the rainbow bridge.  Some cats or kittens just have that effect no matter how long or short time we've had together.

We're in absolutely no need of another cat around here but I got this strong feeling that Ivy had left behind the wish for another little life to have the chance she didn't get - to LIVE. Maybe it sounds strange but I did indeed get this feeling. It actually caused me to go for a drive to a church in a deserted area where there's always a cat in need. Only this time I found 30 something cats and kitten in need!! Sneezing and wheezing, eye problems, skin problems, limping and what have you... it was all there! BUT... this time around it actually made me realize that I couldn't take it all on. A VERY tough realization. And with no one to turn to to help solve the problem. There simply is no cat shelter on this island. I decided to drive away. 

Apparently Ivy's "lucky wish" was not to be found there... he appeared a few days later a bit further down the road from where I feed the dumpster cats. I spotted this adorable little white and ginger tabby boy trying to charm a few ladies walking along the road. I instantly knew his predicament and found myself uttering "oh, oh..." He was clearly freshly dumped by the side of the road. I know the cat population so well in this area and he clearly did not know quite were he was. He had this cute but bewildered sense about him. I don't know if the rumor is spreading that cats are fed here and people think it the perfect spot to dump their "unwanted goods." Anyhow... I quickly got hold of him and boy! was this boy hungry!!!

I decided to leave him there in the hope he wouldn't be there the next morning - meaning that I hoped for an off-chance that he'd come from a house much further down the road. But naturally he was walking along the street the next morning - seeming just as bewildered and adorable and cuddly as the day before. And HUNGRY.  Well, could I leave these eyes behind???

Of course not. So back home we went. He got installed in a caravan in the garden and he instantly acted as if he'd come home. He drank and he ate... then he ate some more and some more! Goodness knows how many days he'd gone without food. Then he nestled deeply into an old sleeping bag and slept like a baby - smiling to the sunny rays coming through the window. He'd indeed come home.

I have to admit that there was something almost refreshing about rescuing a boy that wasn't already a wrecked little life. It appears his worst trouble is diarrhea and ear mites. Having had the treatment his ear mites should soon be gone and I'm sure so will the diarrhea with the right food.

I think he about 12 weeks. His eyes are just going from baby blue to his mature eye color. Believing he was dumped I can't imagine how hard that must have been... to have left those imploring eyes behind. He is loyal purring nose-rubber who just follows my every step.

Today he had his first outing in his new surroundings and he owned the space! Now we just need to find him a fitting name. What do you think?? I'd be grateful for suggestions.

If anyone is able to help contribute towards his vaccination that would be most appreciated. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ivy's heavenly sleep

Thank you all for your heartfelt prayers and comforting words about Ivy.
Sadly, in spite of all of our efforts, Ivy passed away yesterday morning.

Ivy had put on such a valiant and brave fight since Thursday morning when she was brought to the vet. It's been a mystery to us why she endured as long as she did. But I guess our willing her on - and telling her how much we loved her (oh my goodness did we love her!) and your prayers kept her going. She was exhausted beyond words and was therefore lying completely motionless - just struggling for her breath all the time.  But upon our visits (every morning and evening) she mustered ALL her strength to utter teensy little squeaks. Obviously recognizing us. It made me teary - she moved me so much. She fought so unbelievably much and that's why we put all our efforts into willing Ivy on.

But yesterday morning we knew things were not good with Ivy. Her body temperature had dropped drastically and she'd been put on a heating pad. Her little body able to fight no more. Still of course we hoped. But I told her that if she could take it no more then she should go home as fast as possible. We realized that maybe we needed to let go for her to be able to let go. But we also we let her know that if she was able to pull through - then her forever earthly home was waiting. Before leaving this morning we both kind of knew that it would be the last time we saw Ivy. It was therefore very difficult to leave. Shortly before we left Ivy did something remarkable - something in her state she wasn't even able to do. She was way too weak. But she rolled over on her side - almost on her back... threw back her head and exposed her chin to me and purred. I kissed her, cuddled her chin and told her how much I loved her - and cried. I knew she was saying THANK YOU. She gave me her last bodily efforts for that gesture and we knew we it was time to give her peace. So we left.
Just a bit more than an hour later the vet called to say she had passed. We were overwhelmed with sadness but Ivy deserved that home where she would find instant relief from her suffering and have her heavenly sleep. We instantly collected her and found a spot for her in the garden - not far from Lilly and Noona. 

She didn't die alone. Ivy was rescued and she was LOVED. She now rests in a place where her way too short life will be forever remembered. I thank you for caring for Ivy too.

P.s. I did want to write this yesterday but wasn't able to because our internet went down. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

A mighty prayer needed for Ivy

So as this title suggests, things were not entirely good with Ivy. Sunday afternoon she finally braved it and came out from under the cupboard. She showed immense bravery coming out because she was very scared. But she quickly got the hang of that there was nothing to fear even though everything in her had been tuned towards fear and flight. 

Last Saturday - the day after we rescued her - she was put on antibiotics for what we believed was bronchitis. When she finally came out from under the cupboard I could see that  her breath was actually quite bad and she was brought in for an x-ray Monday. It showed a very serious respiratory infection - her entire respiratory system is infected.

Anyhow, we brought her back home with the directions to keep her in a quiet environment (which we of course did already). Tuesday she seemed to pick up a bit - she even played a little with a feather. She was even a bit playful doing gorgeous little tummy rolls for me. But... then Wednesday morning she suddenly seemed to have gotten weaker. She was no longer interested in food and I regrettably had to administer her antibiotic tablets instead of just popping it into her food.

By Thursday morning it was clear she needed more help than we could give her and she was once again back at the vet and put on intravenous antibiotics and fluids.

This morning her condition is very critical. She no longer moves around and she is using every bit of her being for her survival. She has not slept for days - her little bodily instinct doesn't allow her to because it might obstruct her airways. Yes, imagine her exhaustion.

I'm under no illusion about the statistics... I've been there before. I know Ivy is up against something mighty considering her tender age (8 weeks) - her little immune system hasn't had a chance of fully developing. Separated from her mom at way too early an age. But that just magnifies my hopes for Ivy. Her arrival in this world couldn't have been more miserable and she deserves a life full of love and care. As you can see from those huge eyes it's been impossible to not fall in love with her. I've held her tiny body up to my chest and filled her head with kisses - she responded with loud purr. Just as it should be. This is where I want Ivy to be once again. Well enough to begin to take in love in abundance. So I ask you if you will please pray for Ivy. She needs BUNDLES of strength to make it through. Right now we have to take it step by step and we hope for a slight sign of improvement tomorrow morning. I promise to keep you posted. Thank you!