My Greek kitty crew

Monday, August 20, 2012

A proud little achievement

A few weeks ago I participated in my first ever photographic exhibition entitled "The Aegean Cat." During the last few years I've really fallen in love with photography - yes, you all know why. When I rescued the first two cats (now almost  two years ago) I became obsessed with photo-journalling their progress. It wasn't even deliberately for blog-posting but it turns out it's been an invaluable source of recording all my different rescue stories - a place I can always return to if I've forgotten the date of a certain rescue (useful for the medical record!). 

Anyhow... by now I have something like 7.000 - 8.000 cat photos and I have spent HOURS laying on the ground or just sitting quietly among the bushes trying to capture them in their world - what I find the most beautiful. You might recognise the image above - very similar to the one in this post but not entirely the same.

This image was taken an evening with a particularly golden sunset and I caugth Toddy just being mesmerized by a moth she spotted in a pergola ceiling. I know nothing about photography professionally and would more call myself an intuitive photographer - but I just got very caught by the light and the beauty of Toddy in her world. Well, I'm proud to say that this image won a competition that ran alongside the exhibition. Each visitor could vote for their favorite 7 images (yes I know, how can you vote for a favorite image of cats - they're all gorgeous) and there were many many delightful images to chose between. So yes, I am proud of this little achievement and feel inspired to actually learn something about photographic skills. The great irony being that just as I won this exhibition my beloved camera packed up. Kaput! Yes, maybe it's time to make new steps altogether. 

On a more personal note...
Little miss "Aegean Cat" 2012 and photographer in a morning hug. I adore this girl - she's an irresistible mix of placid and impish... the kind of random impish that has me in fits of giggles sometimes. She's a very yummy fury package!