My Greek kitty crew

Monday, August 29, 2011

A teddy bear in waiting

It's a known fact that Rosie and Rufus' mother is black - I've seen Rufus moving closely with her. But it's often a much greater mystery as to who's the father to kittens. I therefore had to bring my camera around to the park where I found Rosie and Rufus as I one day saw this gorgeous teddy bear (you just want to snuggle with him). It seems he is among the more lucky of town cats as it appears that he is well fed and in a rather fine condition - everything taken into consideration. He is calm, friendly and has that element where you just want to bring him home - just a real presence. As you can see I had a sweet reason for wanting to capture a few images - no one (and there are MANY cats in that park) looks anything like him and when it comes to the question of who has fathered Rosie and Rufus (well Rosie in particular) there can be no question!! Even where the white and grey meet on the paws - the curves, coloring and lines are all the same.
Well Rosie started out real calm in life but has now realized that there is such a thing as feeling super charged and full of energy and she is turning out to be a real little kung fu master. Rufus is willing but even he is ocassionally a bit overwhelmed by his sisters new found super powers! Rosie has tripled her weight in 5 weeks and still going - she loves food. Rufus has settled well and loves cuddles - and loves that meals gets served with frequent intervals throughout the day! They both love the company of all their new brothers and sisters and all of them can often be found snuggling tighly together when it's time for naps. There's something so sweet about how these rescue cats accept each other - maybe something in them knows they share a similar destiny?

Anyhow... maybe Rosie will level out at some point and become a calm presence as her father but for now it's just terrific seeing this girl charging around!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

When the eyes go soft


It's evident that food and water goes a long way to keep a little kittie going - and I am delighted at how much weight both Rosie and Rufus has both gained, but what thrills me most of all is the softness that has appeared in their eyes.  It's just plain evident that human love, kindness and tenderness feeds something into those little souls that not even the best of quality foods can bring about. And doesn't it make you wonder what it is that looks out of those eyes when you see them go soft?? That's what I work for.

This morning I noticed in Rufus' eyes what I saw in Rosie's eyes a few weeks ago (in my last post about Rosie). I treasure it - I truly do, softness. And yet, on top of that, I still feel compelled to go back and look at those early photos of Rosie. Her transformation is amazing. Just look at this photo from this morning. Five weeks on from when I fist saw these two.

At first they didn't recognise each other but they now play and romp and get excited together. Before their lives evolved around surviving between meals - no room for playing. They're such perfect therapy for each other. Rosie was very quiet before but she has become a boisterous  little girl (a trait from Rufus) and I believe Rosie has demonstrated to Rufus that it's okay to trust a human hand. He's become quite confident when a hands comes his way for a cuddle. 

"Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair 
but manifestations of strength and resolution" 
Kahlil Gibran

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What we can do we will do


It's exactly four weeks ago today that I - completely by chance (or not!) - spotted Rosie and Rufus badly emaciated in a town park. If you've follwed the story of Rosie's rescue you will know that I went back every day to feed Rufus and make sure he was making good progress too.

He was also badly emaciated (you can almost count his ribs in the image above) but compared to Rosie he was actually strong - he was like a lightning rod whenever there was food - and I therefore decided to let him stay with kitty mom and come back to check on him every day. He kept doing well until about 10-12 days ago when it appeared kitty mom had gone astray (or whatever else happened) and he began to just sit in a forlorn and pittyful state underneath the dumpster on the street outside the park. I had rescued him twice from the huge dumpster because he would jump into the dumpster to search for food, but each time they had been emptied he was too small to make his way out. Also he had developed a serious diarrhea - it would literally run out of him whenever he ate. He'd begun to give off the feeling that he was loosing his will to go on and I frankly couldn't get the image of him out of my mind whenever going to sleep at night. 

Again - I knew there was only one thing to do - so last Sunday evening I brought him back home. And don't get the idea that I just travel around looking for kittens to rescue. As a matter of fact I've seen and heard so many kittens in the area where Rosie and Rufus comes from that I've had to develop a kind of "don't look, don't listen" state of mind. As I've heard so many times "You can't rescue them all" - but my approach is that of some lovely words once uttered by Gandhi. When the Indien people were suffering due to the British laws imposed upon them making it impossible for them to live, a village elder asked Gandhi; "Will you help us?" and Gandhi (knowing they were up against impossible odds) answered; "What we can do we will do."

The day after I rescued Rufus he went to the vet for an examination. The vet told me that had he not been rescued he would not have made it beyond a couple of days with the severity of his diarrhea. He actaully spent 5 days at the vet in the attempt to restore his digestive system. It's gotten a lot better but he has still some days to go. As you can see in the image above he is just a little hearttrob with a well kept secret - a darling white belly. Now it is Rufus' time to learn to be a kitten again - just playing and goofing around, having a soft place to sleep and not having to worry where the food will come from.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life as it should be


During this past week Rosie made some great steady progres so she started having some outdoor time with the other cats. Here she is having an afternoon chill and this time around (for the first time) I believe she deliberately turned the knob on the cute-ometer allowing the photographer a few darling images.

A big lazy yawn and then deciding to play for the gallery...

A lovely super content wellness-wiggle...

- and a simple pose to show those tender doey eyes. Kitten, have mercy on my melting heart!

More about Rufus soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

16 days

- and the difference between life and death (I reckon) is what is between these images of before and after.

I know I've posted a lot about this girl recently but she has taken up a lot of my time. I'm thrilled at her progress and she is now firmly on a road of recovery and she is full of beans, courage and life-appetite. She promptly joins the bigger cats for meals and is not shy to tell me when I don't deliver it fast enough! (that's when she is having wet food - her absolute favorite). She has access to dry food all the time and eats very well and now drinks regularly, another yay! Only a few days ago she started preening herself rigorously - as if she felt she had a lot to catch up with. 

She loves her toys - above she is clawing a toy mouse and she is at last having the energy to do what a little kitten should be doing... play, play and some more play (remember, she could barely walk from weakness the first day I spotted her!). It was only on day 12 she stopped sleeping and resting around the clock - imagine the sheer level of exhaustion she must have felt.

Anyhow... just another little report of her  splendid progress - it's truly delightful.